Friday, August 21, 2009

Sometimes, life is just weird . . .

As I'm heading over to the store to pick up a few things I notice the brake light is on, again. So when I get to the store I pop the hood, grab some break fluid out of the trunk, and top it off. One of the guys loading his groceries into the car comes over as I pop the hood and ask if I needed help. I thanked him but said I had it. So much to his wondering eyes' I not only topped off the brake fluid, but buttoned her up and then activated the self adjuster. Which is to say I backed the car up a bit, stopped, and then pulled back into the spot. He's still standing there as I get out and throw my purse over my shoulder. "I smiled and said you look confused? Did I do something wrong?"

"Well, no Ma'am, but I'm wondering why you backed the car up and pulled it forward like that?"

So explained the pedal was low because it's losing a little fluid and after refilling the reservoir I had to bring the pedal back up. The self adjusters are there for exactly that purpose.

"Forgive me, but did your Dad want a boy? And if you know so much about brakes why not have it fixed? Then it won't leak you know. You might have a bad cylinder and that could be dangerous."

So I explained that the cylinders were fine, it was the master distribution junction on the firewall and I was too lazy to replace it, especially since I was waiting for the part to come and I'd do it when I did the front shoe which where just about ready to be replaced. His next question was one I wasn't ready for . . .

"Are you seeing anyone?"

. . .because I'm not used to being hit on in the parking lot of the grocery store.

We chatted for a bit and I thanked him, but building a relationship on my knowledge of cars probably wasn't ideal. He laughed and said "No but the bragging rights alone would be awesome!"

So then, as if that wasn't weird enough, I get pulled over shortly after I leave Krogers. Why? Because the cop wanted to know why I went out the side entrance instead of the main one. I wish I was kidding. So there I am freaking because I couldn't imagine what'd I'd done wrong, and he wanted to know why I didn't go out the main entrance? I'd already given him my paperwork which he glanced at and then handed back so I said "Are you a real cop? Or is this some kind of candid camera thing, or am I in even more trouble than I think?"

[We've been having trouble around here with people pretending to be cops, pulling women over and raping and robbing them. I wish I was joking.]

So he puts his hands where I can see them and says, no ma'am, it's okay, I am a real cop, and your not in trouble.

So cautiously I say "Then if you don't mind me asking, why did you stop me?"

"First Ma'am I'd like to know why you went out the side entrance when you had to drive past the main entrance to get there?"

"Well because the side entrance takes me to a side street, which is then has a light to let me cross all three lanes of traffic to set up for the turn at the next corner. Frankly I consider it safer than taking the left fast and crossing those three lanes in the space permitted. A controlled intersection is always a safer bet and helps avoid accidents. It helps keep my insurance rates low, and it means less work for you guys."

So he's laughing now and when I finished he said "Thank you for making my whole day. My whole shift I've been watching people do the dumbest things, and then having to write them tickets. So I thought I'd pull you over and earn some good will for the department by NO giving you a ticket. Now I can finish my shift and chalk it up to a good day. Thanks, and keep up the good work."

It's officially one of the strangest traffic stops I've ever heard of, but hey, it's right up there with a warning for not doing 90 on the highway.

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