Saturday, August 22, 2009

I did not buy . . .

. . . a perfect purple, 18 speed bike today. I was tempted, very seriously tempted. It was the perfect shade of purple. 26 inch wheels, quick release seat, front suspension and derailers I'd never even heard of. Now, admittedly that doesn't say much, since it's been years, decades even since I've done any serious bike riding. But it was PURPLE! I even have the money to afford it right now, but I didn't go in there to buy a bike. Plus I'm honestly not certain I'd make the commitment to riding it right now that it would require. And I'm still saving to get my stuff out of storage, and right now that's way more important. I went in to buy a freestanding fan for the living room, knowing as I do that WILL reduce my energy bill, and be quieter than the air conditioner. So, armed with fan, and my wallet a few dollars lighter, I came home to babble a bit here.

In the interests of trying to imporve my sleep schedule, and the fact that I have to be up and out of here on the early side tomorrow to meet with Laura in Dayton, I got up and out of here early today. First time in a while to be honest. Filled up Jo with petrol, made it to Bruggers for some bagels well before they closed, and of course bought a fan. I'd love to say I made it to the park for a walk, but that would be lying, and I'm not one for doing that. so the park, will have to wait for another day.

The fan however is working famously, just sitting in the background nice and quiet, moving the air around. Awesome!

So while I was out and about, I noticed Fall in the air. There's that feeling, a scent that I so adore, and my creative juices are starting to flow. I have about half a dozen plants that need new pots and I was looking at those trying to decide what I wanted to do. Yes, I it turns out have a green thumb, and have a house full of plants. Growing, thriving, happy and very green. I almost bought another one today, I was so tempted to get a nice hanging fern for the hook I have in the ceiling, but held off until I repot the ones I have, because I don't want them to feel jealous, or less loved. Which is quite honestly the ONLY reason I've not yet gotten the couple of Ficus trees I want for my house. Eventually I'm probably going to have three to five ficus trees, because I want at least one in my bedroom and I'm thinking of four in total for the rest of the apartment. At least two in the living room, maybe more.

So that's about it in my boring, quiet life. The vast majority of my friends and family are healthy, happy and safe, more than that a girl can't ask for.

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