Monday, March 16, 2009

Now for something lighter redux.

My friends enrich my life in so many ways. Recently while browsing photos one of my friends had put up on Facebook I instantly thought of another. Since it seems she left Facebook, although I'm not sure, they have been messing with Facebook of late in some major ways, so they could have lost her. Anyway, this is Princess Vicky Jo as she was captured by Vader and some Storm Troopers.

So seeing this picture I thought of Ange of course. Since I couldn't share it with Ange on Facebook, Vicky Jo said it was okay for me to post it here. It's a great picture and shows what a great sport Vicky Jo is, her innate sense of fun.


Ange said...

She seems so happy about it.
That's one tough princess.
Facebook has me pretty confused these days.

zilla said...

Is anybody else getting out-of-order Facebook feeds, or old posts by friends that suddenly appear three days later, three scrolls down?

Samantha said...

Yeah, she's happy cause she knows Luke, Han and a small army of Wookies is on the way to save her! She's got a great sense of humor.

As to Facebook, it pretty much always has me confused. Plus of late they're not much helping, changing everything, sending stuff out of order, late, or not at all, I don't know that they are long for the world. Plus it seems like they are trying to be more like twitter, which is crazy since Tweet is something totally different.

alan said...

Better to be the best at what you are than try to steal someone else's niche and lose your own!

Always nice to find you here!


Samantha said...

It's funny you should say that Alan. Vicky Jo is a professional Life Coach and student of MBTI temperament system and the ground breaking work John Beebe is doing opening it up and making it more accessable in ways even Jung never dreamed of. In short, she's all about helping people find their way to being their best.

She's awesome!