Saturday, March 14, 2009

Clean everything!

Okay, I'm about to head off to the land of nod, but I just thought I'd wallow in the anticipation a touch longer. Clean Samantha, inside and out, fresh clean sheets, a cup of tea, some lavender incense burning and candle light has my whole bedroom set in just the right mood. For the moment, all is right at Casa Samantha, who knows, maybe a glass of wine and I'm good. Setting the mood isn't just for romance, it's for even something as simple as sleeping.

So Good Night Wide Wonderful World where ever you are!



alan said...

I love lavender incense...I used to use it when I came home to make the days cares ease away.

Glad you're taking care of "you"!


Anonymous said...

I'm learning the value of setting the mood for a lot of things, it does seem to make a difference.

Samantha said...

Oh yeah, setting the mood is so important. Taking care of you is priceless.