Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love Zilla!

Zilla comes out with things like this recent gem as part of a comment on Ange's blog.

'. . . pray like hell that they're inherently lazy, like American teenagers who don't understand why there isn't a smiling drive-thru attendant inside of the refrigerator. "Got milk!! Want fries with that?"'

Is that gold or what? Her Blog is frequently every bit as lucid, well written and funny. If you haven't been to her blog or Ange's for that matter, what are you waiting for? I mean they both write so well they should be charging for it! Their writing, regardless of the subject, is so often just utterly brilliant. They have indeed found their respective voices because regardless the topic, the way they write alone is wonderful beyond mere words can do justice.


zilla said...

Thanks, Samantha. But like I said earlier, for me, it's only about the impossibility of not writing. I think you're the same way. There's just no not doing it, and it's copious, or torrential at times, and once in awhile a tiny gem shows up in the rubble :-)

Samantha said...

You know, I hadn't thought of it that way, but it's a great perspective. I came to writing the hard way, but now, well you are quite correct, it's impossible not for me to write.

Tiny gem, ah and she's humble too. I enjoy reading what you have to say as much as how you go about saying it. That confluence of thoughts, feelings and experience, distilled down into print. It's so amazing.

I got bit by the reading bug good and hard when I was you, much younger than most, and have an appreciation for the fine art of writing. And any art it is, because anyone can type stuff into a machine, or write it down, but only an artist weaves it all together in a way that leaves people with way more than the meaning of the words alone.

Some people shouldn't be allowed to right, because what and how they write serves only to fulfill the old saying;

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open you mouth and convince everyone!"

My Brother Dre is one such person.

So while you may have gems, the overall tone, pace, form and flow of your writing is wonderful. Like I said, you're an artist.

Samantha said...

Oops, that should have read when I was young, not you.

A better way to say what I was trying to get at;

Somethings you read because you have to struggle through them. Like an text book by an anthropologist who knows nothing about how people really are. It's hard going and painful to read.

Others, you included, create narrative that is a pleasure to read, like a book that draws you in, has you feeling involved and part of what's going on. The right balance between passive voice, and active, a joyful read by the fireside with a cup of tea and warm fresh Cinnamon toast.

You're writing has that quality to it. So the humility of little gems aside, it's the pleasure from the act of reading and how you write that is a constant reward. Thanks!

Yes, it's impossible for me not to write, just as you say, but it wasn't until other people, who'd read what I'd written, pointed out how selfish it was for me to share, how I too had something of a gift, that really got me going. To be true, it wasn't until I came upon a messaage on a yahoo group at one point that I really started taking folks seriously. I read through this message, wondering who wrote like this, so I could read more of that person's work and at the end found out I was the author. I was stunned. I wrote that? Holy Hannah, I guess folks weren't just blowing sunshine when they said I had something of a gift myself. I enjoyed reading what I'd written and remember thinking before I found I'd written it, that I loved not just what this person had to say, but how she did. Again, tea and toast by the fire kinda thing. I had to take what other said more seriously.

So when I come upon other folks whose voice touches me, and has me coming back for more, I let them know.