Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm a little bit sad tonight.

My first lucky bamboo plant, around three years old, is very sick. In the hope of saving her, keeping her alive, I've had to propogate her pretty extensively. Mind you I already have two cuttings that are thriving, so God and Goddess willing, these will survive, spread new roots, and go happily into new pots.

That's a nice, comfortable "PC" way of saying I had to cut off all her shoots, and start them rooting, and cut the main stems off from the root system, and try to get them to root too. From the small little pot she started in three years ago, I'd already re-potted her once, and I noticed tonight that she seemed root bound, and that rot had set in. It was more instinct than anything that had me smell her gravel. There was a strong smell of death and decay there.

So I went to work in a fever, cutting, digging, washing, praying and lavishing the pieces of this once tall plant with Reiki. My clue should have been two days ago when I thought she looked more like a tree than a houseplant. Way, way too big for so small a pot. So, now I wait and see. And Pray. It's hard not to be impacted by this emotionally, she was, is, family to me, and I'd put her in harms way. Perhaps not deliberately, but she suffered nonetheless. So I'm a little bit sad tonight. I know all things, live, age and die, but this, well it just wasn't what I'd wanted.

I'm steeling myself with the thoughts that the cuttings will take, the stems, will sprout new roots, and I can go on from there.


alan said...

When I see how much of your heart you share with all around you, near or far, I have to think your love will bring this lucky plant through it's dark time as well!

Here we have some we bring in each winter and set up on a "baker's rack" in the basement under plant lights to get them through the frost months. One is a grocery store shamrock I bought almost 20 years ago for St. Patrick's Day for my wife and it has survived hailstorms, being eaten by squirrels and a host of other maladies...including the cat deciding that was a nice place to nap.

My fingers are crossed for you!


Samantha said...

So far, the effected shoots in question, which had started to droop, have all perked up nicely. Sitting in fresh, clean, Reiki water and soaking up the sun that is finally streaming in the windows of my apartment. All my windows are Southern Exposures, so there is plenty of light for them. They all seem much happier.

So I'll keep showering them with love, Reiki, clean water and food and they should be okay from the looks of it. I'll keep my blog up to date as they grow and come back from their dark time.

Ah yes, cat's and plants, an interesting mix. When they aren't eating them, sleeping on them, digging in then, mistaking them for a litter box or otherwise eating them, they can tend to knock them over. Oh so much fun.