Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I got my wings back!

So, in the spirit of Ange not being the only one sharing her dreams, he's the one I had had that kinda peeked my curiosity. I should preface this by saying I'm a big fan of the TV show Charmed. I've seen every episode of every season at least several times. This dream took place with the Halliwell sisters in one of my favorite cities in the world, San Fransisco, which is where they are from. For people who know, it takes place later in the series, sometime before everyone is married. Piper is, but Phoebe and Paige aren't.

So Piper, Paige and I are out running errands, having some dinner and just generally relaxing. We're having a quite evening, people watching and shopping. Leo's at home with the boys, and Phoebe is working late AGAIN! Which sucks for me, because for some reason in all the dreams I've had with the sister's in them, Pheobe and I are dating. Yeah. Who knew? We'd kept it a secret for a long time so as not to hurt her position as "Ask Phoebe" but when the news did get out, readership only went up. For a while we were as hot news in the city as Lindsy Loham and Samantha Ronson. So anyway, she's working late. :-o(

We pull into a gas station in Piper's Jeep to put some gas in when a woman in a pickup truck pulls in and is frantic, her husband is sick or injured, and she needs to get to the nearest hospital. While this is going on some goons come down the street in a black Mercedes with the radio up loud and park across the street. What happens next was horribly unsettling, they started shooting at us! One of the cars parked there explodes and they keep shooting. I was leaning into the passenger side of the truck looking at the husband and he didn't look good at all. I don't know what came over me, but I really didn't like being shot at, and there was no way I could carry him. I held him in my arms and I could feel the energy coursing through me and knew we'd get out of this okay. I hollered to Paige "Take the girls to the Manor we'll be right behind you." She started to argue and I just orbed knowing she'd get the message. The five of us orbed into the Manor with the girls right behind me. Pheobe happened to come walking in as we were orbing in, and suddenly six pair of very confused eyes were fixed on me.

Paige spoke up first "Missy you have some serious explaining to do!" and from Pheobe "Why did that look like TWO orbs, not one?!?" Piper chipped in with "Oh, I don't know, why don't you ask your girlfriend because she left BEFORE us!"

Of course the husband and wife were freaking out because well he was fine, neither of them had been shot, and we were nowhere near the gas station. So everyone was talking at once as Leo came running down the stairs. "What happened? I thought you were having a quite night?" At which point the sisters in one voice said "Sam just healed this man and orbed both of them here by herself. Since when is there another lighter around here?"

Leo looked just as confused as the girls. "She couldn't, she's not a lighter . . ."

So everyone is looking at me like I have four heads and I looked at the husband and wife and said "Why don't you go into the kitchen and help yourself, we'll be right in after a brief family conference." When we were alone I shrugged and said "I don't know, the elders gave me back my wings. Paige's Dad knows me. I fell a while back on purpose, and when we got attacked and I couldn't move this guy on my own I felt it all come back to me in a rush." So everyone's looking at Paige who hollers "Sam!?" and I couldn't resist saying "What? I'm right here?" She tries that a couple more times and then frowns and hollers "DAD!!!"

He orbs in looking concerned "What up? Are you okay?" Paige looks at him and says "Dad do you know her?!?" pointing at me.

He Deadpans "Of Course, that's Sam, Pheobe's girlfriend, why?"

I said "It's okay Sam, they gave me back my wings, and now the whole family knows. Do you have any memory dust with you for the two people in the Kitchen? We're going to need it."

I won't bore you with the rest of it. For those who don't know, "White Lighters" are the people who help and guide witches, capable of orbing from place to place, and healing even near fatal injuries. They are the "Charmed" version of Angels. In all my dreams in that part of time/space I've been a fallen Lighter, who gave up her wings and became fully mortal again. I really hadn't felt the need to share that with the family because I figured it wasn't like I was going to go back to being a lighter on purpose. Paige's Dad knew me, but he was keeping my little secret. But the cool part is I got my wings back. I'm not really sure what it means, and I'm not going to go borrowing trouble right now, but my Reiki has gotten dramatically stronger since that night. Amazingly, stronger. That makes me very happy, but it too was as unexpected as the dream.


alan said...

Having seen every episode as well, it's really cool to read this...


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen all the episodes but my ex got me seriously hooked on the show! She had several years worth of the episodes on DVD, and we'd sit and watch them together. She would tease me about being hooked on the show, and she was right.
That's a most interesting dream! I've daydreamed similar kinds of things, but not like that!
Unfortunately, my reiki is pretty weak right now, I think I lack grounding due to the distraction of some of my transition issues. I really need to work on that, on re-centering myself. Maybe a bit of hematite might help me also.

Samantha said...

In some respects I'm really lucky. Dreams for me are every bit as real and detailed as life. While I have a great deal of freedom within my dream scapes, sometimes I wind up almost dragged into things. So when I have nightmares, they are particularly horrid. The other side of that coin of course are dreams like this, which was a blessing. As hard as it was taking fire like that,it was just so amazing and natural to heal and orb again.

The benefit to my Reiki was most unexpected, but so completely welcome. Yes, grounding and centering is a wonderful way to connect and strengthen, also regular practice on yourself and others makes a big difference too. If you don't mind me asking Amber, what levels have you taken so far?

Hooked on the show? Me, oh, you could most definitely say that. So much so that I've absorbed some of Piper's body language and such, which has my sister-in-law poking fun at me on a regular basis. Frankly, she's just jealous. I continue to re-watch episodes on DVD because I really enjoy the show. I've also collected music from the show that moved me and I've collected other music from the artists feature on the show.

As to hematite, it certainly couldn't hurt. Funny story about that. A bunch of years back, as my SIL and I were walking back to my car, after a court hearing about my late husbands ongoing violations of the restraining orders, a hematite ring I was wear literally exploded into pieces off my hand. Since then I always have a large piece of it with me in my purse, and have another ring I wear periodically.