Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Random Things

I'd like to thank my friend Karyn for bringing this idea to my attention. Karyn did her own on her blog. Karyn you rock!

1. There are currently seven plants in my living room window.
2. I never imagined I'd wind up living in Ohio.
3. I am a survivor.
4. I am an artist.
5. I am an empath.
6. Relationships and people are more important to me than things.
7. I pay 100 dollars rent every month on a 10x10 Storage locker in New England.
8. I'm going to donate at least half the stuff in that locker to charity when I get out there to clean it out.
9. I love the ocean, and beaches, especially under a full moon.
10. I meditate.
11. I don't do it often enough.
12. I have lived a long time, in many different states of being.
13. I love the number thirteen and have no fear of it. Friday the 13th is usually a great day for me.
14. I used to take bike trips from NY to Boston, the kind of bike where I was the motor. Seriously.
15. I love being in the water. Swimming, floating, boating, whatever.
16. I love Winter Park, Florida. It's a wonderful little town to window shop, have lunch, and go to the Tiffany/Frank Lloyd Wright museum.
17. I love the Rocky Mountains, and Colorado in general.
18. I spend enormous amounts of time reading. Everything and anything under the sun.
19. I love the colors Purple, and Pink.
20. Despite everything I've been through, I once again have hope in my heart. So like the proverbial box, I shut it just in time to keep hope in.
21. Despite the violence and betrayal my late husband heaped on my weary soul, I'm once again looking forward to maybe sharing my life with someone.
22. I love working with wood, and am currently stripping the wood in my friends Yacht so that I can re-finish it.
23. I love cleaning, may sound insane, but I love taking something yukky and making it clean.
24. I'm an emotional girl, sometimes time I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I do both and I don't know why.
25. I'm learning to finally put some boundaries and limits in my life, and it's THE most expensive lesson I've ever had to learn.


Anonymous said...

Good list! I did that on my Myspace page, but I wasn't really very creative about it, I was tired and sore from my surgery when I did it. I'll have to do it again on my Wordpress page. :-)

alan said...

Some I knew, some I didn't, some I'd guessed...

An amazing list from an amazing girl!