Thursday, January 06, 2005

To paraphrase someone I know . . .

Hit 'em with a rock, take the rock home!

There are just SOME people who make me wish periodically such things were okay. Texas for example "approves" of killings in the interest of the greater good. A cup or two of chlorine in the gene pool every now and then is a good thing! In Texas, if you can prove that someone really needed killing, you can (and people have) quite litterally get away with murder!

Wow, what a concept eh?

So I've been missing now for a while because, well life happens. Christmas, Yule, Channuka, all came and went pretty quietly, and then 2005 steamed in. Mellow and sublime, the high point of my very first day of the new year was getting dressed, couifed, putting on some pretty bad makeup and heading out to a meeting (my first ever) of the local chapter of Transgender Renasiance. Went over to the Washington Crossing, NJ chapter and met a bunch of lovely women, sat around and talked for several hours and was made very welcome by one and all!

Assuming I'm still in New Jersey come next month, I'll head back over there again.

In the meantime, the madness and mayhem with Earl continues, after agreeing months ago to pay to have his stuff moved into a storage facility he has yet to pay the bills. So here I've gone and laid out money I didn't have in the first place to do all this, and now he expects to know where his stuff is? Frell that I say! I'll take all his stuff out of storage and give it away before I allow him to further use and abuse me!

Okay, so now I'm sounding like a bitter old shrew, but I mean really?!? What does a decent person have to do around here to get some respect and common decency?

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