Saturday, October 30, 2004

So it's been several days since my last entry . . .

. . .and I thought I'd drop in an update! The packing is just about done, and tomorrow or Monday at the latest I'll be heading to Jersey for a while. Still fighting an increasingly ugly divorce with Earl, the one person in the universe I never thought I'd have to do this with. It's amazing how much stuff I can fit into the car, the Sephia is a great little car, with a surprising amount of room.

So yesterday was a real whirl wind of activity and getting things done! My last Friday in MA for a little while, but I'll be back! Got up and finished loading the car to the gills with stuff, then off I went! First stop, long overdue to the library to return some CD's I'd taken out last year (What you thought I was kidding when I said long overdue?) and then on to the rest of my stops. The second, a major milestone in my life, for the first time in the twenty two years I've been old enough to vote I actually did!

I voted for Kerry/Edwards for a host of reasons, not the least of which is the John's are firmly on the side of Women's rights, as well as Men enough to let me do with my body what I think is right! My BODY, My CHOICE! They will work hard with League of Women Voters and other organizations to see that Women and Children are afforded the rights and protections we so deserve!

From there I went to RMV to turn in the plates for the Sportage that my soon to be wusband had reposessed, no sense having plates for a vehicle one doesn't own! I then took the receipt over to Liberty Mutual and had the insurance on it canceled! It's really out of my life now, though there is the upcoming battle with Earl over who's going to pay for it, and everything else!

Next (so I did say I had a busy day!) I stopped into my lawyers offices, got confirmation that since Earl isn't doing his part in this, I should start selling his stuff to survive. Going to be interesting selling the rings that bound us together, a kind of closure really, a last goodbye if you will! While there I upgraded the two Windows 2000 Pro machines to WindowsXP and installed newer versions of the software they were using!

Then at 20:30 I ran over to the storage unit and unloaded the car, got there kinda late so by the time I unloaded the car and was ready to leave the gate wouldn't let me out! Stayed calm, tried a couple of numbers and then 911. The fire department showed up and let me out! Yay!!!

Finally (and you thought the day was over, HA!) ran upto Salem and hung out with Bri, Tessa, Steve, Nic, and Brent! Had a good time though it was really noisy so we didn't have perhaps as much fun as we normally would have! Tessa was cool, even fighting of the migrane that was trying to attack her! The Boys antics in the parking lot were funny, playing with a kiddy shopping cart! That I captured on film! I'll drop in one of the shots later!

So that was my day! Went to bed and sleep the sleep of someone getting closer to enough estrogen, once I have some bloods drawn I'll have a better idea of where I am! The patch is still one of the best things I've ever done for myself, overall just a much better quality of life in so many ways! I'm sleeping better, I have more enrgy, less frequent/less severe headaches, less depressive episodes, and an overall feeling of well being and more positive outlook. Does my life right now suck any less, well NO, but I'm not wallowing in the darkness as much!

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