Thursday, October 28, 2004

What a night!

The RedSox ROCK!!! That's right folks, I'm cheering on the Sox! Why, well not so much because I'm a big sports fan, heck the little appreciation and knowledge of sports I have is because of Earl. Last night and today however I'm a full on Sox fan, because Earl HATES them, and he must hate me, so an enemy of my enemy and all that! I'm going to get a Boston Red Sox Championship 2004 T-shirt, write "Thanks for helping us break the curse!" and send it to Earl!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!!!

So last night was my first night sleeping with the patch, I drifted off to sleep, stayed asleep the whole night and awoke this morning feeling refreshed and invigorated! When I first started herbals, my sleep improved but not like this! Having a nice steady flow of estrogen into my system round the clock is marvelous, simply marvelous!!! I highly reccomend it!

I'm begining to wonder if I shouldn't put together a blog just for HRT? In any case, back to packing! I have to be out of this apartment on Saturday after living here for 6 years all because "Earl" is a selfish, heartless, insensitive, overbearing, controling lout!

My friend Bri gave me a wonderful book last night written by Alison James titled:

I used to miss Him... but my Aim is Improving! Not Your Ordinary Breakup Survival Guide.

I've only just started reading it, but I love it already!

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