Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Amazing how many people are narrow minded bigots... the 21st century.

Short of a miracle it looks like Prop 8 passed in California, with similar stupidity passing in Arizona and Florida.

It's a sad, sad day in America despite the miracle last night of getting a good man into the White House.

There is some Jewish heritage in my family, my history, and in the Jewish Culture when someone is really, really, horrible for some reason, parents, family members can say, you are dead to me.

Just over 50% of three states population are now dead to me.

I don't care WHY someone voted in favor of Prop 8 or the similar measures in two other stats, because there is NO excuse. That's it, done, buy a shovel, dig a hole, climb in because your are dead to me. If your a regular reader here and would have, or did vote yes on Prop 8, get lost. Don't comment, don't argue why it's okay to be a hateful, narrow minded bigot, just leave and don't come back because you are dead to me.

This is most certainly not right speak, and I'm not being a good Buddhist with this post then again all the religious WACKOS in California, Florida, and Arizona are going straight to hell when they die, so they've already decided on an eternity of suffering. It's not my job to be compassionate for hateful, evil people and right now, I cannot, and will not find the perspective to see their side of this. Frankly, I have the gift/curse of empathy, intuition, and perspective that could make me an excellent profiler. I can "get into" other peoples heads and hearts, but on this one, NO WAY... I'd rather take my chances with a school of hungry sharks or something, these people are just wrong... As in broken wrong...

So, they are dead to me.

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alan said...

I still have a hard time believing that people who can look on the "Jim Crow" era with such horror believe that this is anything different...