Thursday, June 19, 2008

Peace and quiet in a park.

So I'm exploring around the new place I live, and getting outside is important to me. I've found the local parks department website (I'll add a link later) and am in Winton Woods park. It's peace and quiet in a way never really available in Jersey. In fact, this part of Ohio is reminding me more and more of my beloved New England that I'm not quite missing it as much. With plenty of woods and trails, it reminds me so much of what I thought lost to me for a while. It's also not my mountains, but it will keep me from missing those too... More to follow...

Okay, it's later, so the link to the parks website is and will give you an idea of what I have to play with and explore... [Edited: 20 June, 2008 at 01:07]

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Sara said...

Beautiful, thanks for the link to the park system. You are going to have so much fun exploring!