Saturday, June 21, 2008

Can I ever do anything without being a girl?

Your result for The Which X-Man Are You Test...


Has some serious potential as a fighter, but is far too busy playing around and breaking hearts to care. I bet she's a slut, too. Oh, but she's also the Phoenix, and can ruin someone's shit at the drop of a hat. Once she learns to control it, that is.

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I mean, sure, validation is always welcome, but sometimes balance is good too. I've never, ever, ever taken one of these online "which charater are you?" tests without being one of the women. Which super hero am I? Guess...

Wonder Woman! Of course. I mean doing get me wrong, I grew up watching Wonder Woman (and wanting to grow up to be her) and I'd be lying if I said she didn't help shape the woman I am today. I picked up attitudes, thinking, even the way she smiles (Lynda Carter that is) and the look in my eyes when I do.

But I mean really. Oddly enough, when I was taking the test I couldn't think of the name of my favorite X-Men character, but I really identified (still do) with her. Yeah, Jean Grey, that's her! It's so bad that the "Which West Wing Character are you?" Pegged me as C.J. Craig. Which id funny because out of all the West Wing crew, she's my favorite.

So yeah, I'm yet to find an online test that doesn't figure out that I'm a girl, most of the time the character I most identify with. Which Trek Character? Why Deanna Troi of course...

So, I just find it all funny.

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