Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A day in my life...

Today was busy, perhaps even to the point of cluttered some might say, and caused me to say to my sister-in-law that I used up all my outside minutes.

If you just take the list:

Drove to and walked some trails in the woods.
When to my local grocery store picked up some groceries.
Went to and explored a mall I hadn't been to yet.
Went to and walked a replica of the Charte's Cathedral Labryinth.
Made myself a great healthy sandwich like my favorite Subway one and saved a bunch of money.

It seems like it isn't that much. But honestly, for me, it was a pretty good day. First of all the weather was perfect and I do mean perfect! 75 degrees, light breeze, low humidity, and clear, blue, sky. For me that's as close to perfect as I can get. Walking in the woods was refreshing, and slightly invigorating for while the trails were short, the change in elevation was as much as 100 feet in places. No, I'm not kidding, I took the GPS with me and it has an altimeter/elevation function to it. So I got more of a workout than I'd figured on, but it was so worth it! On the way back I stopped at Kroger's picked up the handful of things I needed, and some quarters to do laundry with and went back to the house. My house. A place that's safe and all my own that no-one can take from me by accident, or through neglect.

I spent half and hour on meditation, another half on Reiki and then decided to see if there were any Labyrinths nearby. I was in luck! A local church had devoted some of it's parking lot to a replica of the labyrinth at Chartes Chathedral which is by far one of the largest and most "complex" ones in the world. So I had to go walk it! From there I realized one of the area malls I'd not yet explored was nearby so I went then and walked that too!

So for someone who spends so much time indoors because of lasting issues from my life with Earl, it was a big day.

The sandwich was just icing on a very big cake. I love going to Subway, and it scares me to admit that long, long, ago I was a regular customer of the first ever Subway that ever opened. Depending on what you get, the food there is amazingly healthy, and it tastes good for a reasonable price. I mean really a foot long sandwich that's healthy, tasty AND affordable? My signature sandwich is about as healthy as you can get. Grilled chicken, little bit of bacon and melted cheese, piled high with green peppers, tomatos, pickles and topped with a splash of red wine vinaigrette dressing on whole wheat bread! Heaven on a plate I say! Mind you this is what I prefer to have, it tastes great, and when I get a footlong I take half of it home.

But it's been bugging me, why can't I do something like this at home? Whenever I want? Much cheaper? Well heretofore it was because I didn't have a kitchen, but now? While small, the kitchen in my place is fully functional, clean and all mine! Rock on! So tonight as a reward for getting out, I took a nice healthy chicken breast marinated in Lemon, Herbs and Garlic then grilled to perfection, melted some munster cheese on it, sliced up pepper, tomato, and cucumber, put it on a couple of slices of really good Italian bread that was lightly toasted and liberally splashed it with a yummy Tuscan Italian dressing I've grown fond of recently. Then, after admiring my handiwork, I ate all the evidence it ever existed.

"Sorry Chief!" ;-o)

Was a really good day. Simple, clean, healthy and tasty! I enjoyed every second of it! Normally I don't go anywhere near a grocery store during the day, why? Too many people, noise, crowds, waiting on line and so forth. I normally like to grocery shopping at one or two in the morning when no-one else is there. Malls, well I don't go to the mall all that often, despite the fact that I love retail therapy. Same rules apply and I have yet to find a good one that's open 24x7. In fact it's only been the last year or so that I've even been able to go into a mall, so this is progress for me. To do it on the same day I went to the grocery store is wonderful!

So there you have it, a boring day in my life, but for me, it was great and indicative of progress!


Sara said...

What an absolutely perfect day! I showed this post to a couple of people and decided it makes a great litmus test for how someone enjoys the moment, and therefore life, to the fullest. I hope to have such a day soon; in the meantime, I'll be practicing, making sandwiches!

Samantha said...

Thanks Sara, I've been working on more of those in my life for a while now. Tomorrow I'm going to explore another new park not far from here, it looks perfect from what I've seen so far, and they even have bike and canoe rentals... Miles of shortline to explore in a canoe? Damn, sign me up! It's been years since I was able to go wandering about in a canoe, but something my heart has been longing for. So, we'll see what happens.

I promise pictures next time...