Sunday, March 23, 2008

Terms, Labels, Delusions and Blokes in Frocks

Yeah, I've gone and done it now. Hate mail should start pouring in momentarily. I can almost feel the tidal wave of angry, stupid, hateful men in dresses coming after me with pitch forks and torches.

I'm part of so few groups these days, and the number is becoming fewer all the time, because the whole "T" community is in a uproar. Well you know, if they want to set about klinging to their delusions about labels, terms, and who they REALLY ARE, fine. I doesn't mean I have to agree with them, or share my bathroom with them

Get over it guys. If you're wearing a ball gown, stomping around like a trucker, shoving people out of the way, and bellowing to your buddy across the mall, YOU ARE A MAN. Period. End of story. At best, you might be "Transgender" which is an insulting, pejorative term, so why you'd want to Kling onto the term is beyond me. Trying to convinve me, or anyone you're "Transsexual" well I'm sorry, but that should give a beer swilling, basement hidding, joker in a frock a one way ticket to a happy place, where they give you all sorts of happy pills, and keep you safe and out of harms reach.

As in out of the reach of HARMING others!

So you don't like how pejorative the term "Trangender" has become? Well, you can thank yourself for that. Trying to claim you're a "Transsexual" because somehow, that makes things better? Yeah, right. Put down the beer, and step away from labels before someone comes along, pumps you full of estrogen and cuts off you precious, beloved power stick of doom! Just because some ignoramus at websters has chosen definitions for words they know nothing about, and codified them into reality by publishing them in a book, doesn't make it right.

You there, beer swilling, basment dressing bloke in frock, yeah the joker with the deep voice, beer belly, and chain smokers cough, with the tree trunks sticking out of your face. Yeah, you! YOU ARE NOT A TRANSSEXUAL. Get over it, move on, bugger off. You're a guy in a dress hiding out in the basement because your obsessed with "presenting" AS A women, not living.

Being a woman has nothing to do with clothes. Yeah, we wear them, you wear them, and sometimes you like to wear ours. Bully for you. Enjoy... It doesn't make you a woman, or a transsexual one at that. Get over it and move on...

A big difference between trangender and transsexual;

Transgender folks can't wait to get to their safe and happy place and put on a bra and panties,

Transsexual woman can't wait to get to her safe and happy place and TAKE OFF her bra and panties...

So there you go...


Anonymous said...

LOL! That's one way I figured out that I wasn't a cross-dresser. I only wanted to put on a bra to go outside. At home, I want to be friggin comfortable!

Samantha said...

Yeah, you got that right. Happened in a similar fashion with me... When I go out, yeah, I have a bra on so I don't look like a "loose woman" as my mother used to put it. When I get home, it comes right off. The feeling of air hitting my skin is great, and the feeling of freedom, awesome! You go girl! I've added a link to your blog on mine, I hope that's okay... If not, I'll take it off.