Sunday, March 23, 2008

T-Mobile Rocks!

Okay, I know that previously I've had some less than favorable things to say about T-Mobile. So, to be fair, I have some really positive things to say and share.

First, I spent most of the day at my local starbucks, with my laptop, surfing the net. Through a T-Mobile WiFi Hotspot, of which there are thousands all over the country, I am able to connect my laptop up effortlessly and have highspeed connection to the internet. Pretty much anywhere in the country. All the fun and power of cable or dsl lines at home, but in my pocket (via my phone) or at a hotspot. Best part of it all is that I'm paying less for it than most people pay for AOL and I have ultimate freedom. As I travel across the country I'll have full internet access anywhere I go!

The funny part is that I've had the service I have now since I got the phone, and I've been using it for internet at home and that kind of stuff thinking I'd gotten lucky. My phone is the dash, it has Windows, and of course IE for web browsing. I ran into a minor snafu and had to call tech support.

While I was on the phone with them, the rep suggested I try what I wanted to do from a hotspot. I said "I thought that was another, extra monthly charge?" She said no, it's part of the smartphone service I already have. I didn't know I could even do that. She also pointed out I could use my laptop directly at a hotspot instead of tethered to my phone. Wow!!! So totally awesome!!!

So I could spend 14.95 at home for DSL, which would give me service, AT HOME, or... ...service at home and everywhere and anywhere else my phone works for 19.95? Oh, yeah, that's a hard choice to make! So I went I had myself a field day today, comfy and relaxed, chatting on the phone AND having full highspeed broad anywhere.

T-Mobile so totally rocks!


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