Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas or something like it ...

So, while I'm no longer a practising Jew, or even close, I decided Christmas day was a good day to go back to my roots so to speak.

I was going to be alone for the day, so I decided that a tranditional Jewish Christmas day would be good. I had lunch at the local Kosher Deli, which in an of itself was fun, because the first thing I noticed as I walked in where the movies and times they were playing at the local multiplex. So I walked in laughing and said, so you'd think it was Christmas!

"Well we've even got some of the rooms prepared for the rush" and he told me how they had several of the rooms setup for the different movies that were playing. How they figured since it's the same thing every year, they'd just enjoy it more. He said he was impressed I beat the rush.

"Yeah, well I figured I eat first, this way I don't spend as much on popcorn!"

He said that they do some of their best single day business each year on Christmas day, so they might as well enjoy it and make it more fun.

Sure enough, as I was leaving, the parking lot filled up and people started pouring from their cars...

I went home, watched a couple of movies, and then had Chinese food for dinner!

All in all, a perfect Christmas.

So being alone wasn't terrible. Frankly it was a welcome change from the madness and mayhem around my life half the time, or more.

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