Saturday, November 11, 2006

Drivers Education?!

Wow, 42 years old and I'm just starting life all over again. Like signing up for Drivers Education to get the discount off my insurance, and be certain when I test for my new license I don't screw it up.

His old life, that old life, is rapidly falling by the wayside, and the last vestiages with him. Because of my history of being stalked and abused, because of the fear and lasting pain my Late Husband and his parents burned into my heart and soul, I've been forced to start completely fresh. This includes being 42 years old and a new driver. Woof!

For the nonce I need to wash my hair and get cleaned up as I'm going to take part in a study at Colorado University about transissues . . .

I'll let you all know how that goes! Oh yeah, one other thing, I may be moving my blog soon, just so that I can more easily integrate it with my server and the content I'm building there.


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