Friday, October 20, 2006

Leaving, no plane involved . . .

So today I took the first major step to my new life, and home. It was a huge one, and the day lasted far longer than I'd imagined. My goal was 620 some odd miles to reach Cincinnati, OH where I was to have a few days of layover on my way west. Traffic and road construction turned what should have been a 10 hour drive into a fourteen hour drive. Seriously NOT fun driving wise, but some of the scenery through Penn state was amazing! Lush, lovely, color saturated Penn farm land!

It was dark by the time I reached Ohio, and then one thirty in the morning when I got to Cincinnatti. My friend and former roommate Mark and his new love were waiting for me, with Val's three lovely dogs and two cats. Three dogs who normally bark at everyone, didn't even make a peep when I showed up. Mark, Val and I stayed up until very, very early in the morning talking, connecting and reconnecting.

Finally at five in the morning I took my night time pills and drifted off to sleep.

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