Friday, September 29, 2006

A Real, Live, Lit from within, Woman!!!

Today I went into RMV to start the process of getting all new paperwork, or at least a photo ID that actually represented ME!!! Today after filling out the right paperwork and four lines, I reached the checkout window where a new ID Photo would be taken. For any number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I'm moving and the state I'm in requires a three month wait to get a drivers license, and then a year as a conditional driver, I'm waiting until I move. My new state issues real drivers licenses to adults and will allow all the tests to be taken the same day!

In any case, I have my paperwork checked at three different lines, each one saying thank you Miss, you can go to window so an so. I finally get to the fourth line, and the woman there is entering my information and she looks up, obviously confused, and says; "I'm sorry Miss, there is a typo on your birth certificate, and because of the new laws I'm going to have to list you as MALE unless, or until, you get this corrected. . ." She looks at all the paperwork again, and then, still looking confused says; "Unless you . . . Um . . . Changed? If you have a surgical letter showing that you've . . ." So I handed her the letter from my surgeon and she says; "Wow, I honestly thought this was a typo, you look amazing!"

We chatted while she finished my paperwork, she took my money, and my picture, and a few moments later I had my NEW ID. My picture, my vital statistics, everything and miracle of miracles I look good! Who knew? A DMV photo that looks good, though I forgot to put on lip gloss . . . Best of all, I'm ever more listed as the CORRECT gender!!! I'm beaming in the picture, almost, no, "really lit from within" the glow of happiness real and obvious!!!

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