Monday, September 11, 2006

Post-op update . . .

A friend asked me recently if I had any regrets about having had surgery. Without missing a beat, without blinking, I said simply "Yeah, I have one, that I didn't do this well over thrity years ago!"

Still working hard on bringing my weight down so that I can get the rest done, well I'm also now working on saving enough again to even have the final surgery. Life, health issues, friends health issues, and so on have had an extremely damaging financial impact on my life of late.

I have to spend a grand on a new AC compressor for my car, because it just isn't drivable all that comfortably without. So that's another chunk of money I don't have, that isn't going to my GRS fund. A fund that is slowly bleeding to death because I'm not strong enough to tell people they are HURTING me and do something about it.

I get what bipolar is like, how it can, and does destroy lives, what I don't get is ignoring it, or not taking it seriously. Please, really, some people spend huge amounts of money to get even close to the way I feel when I'm manic. Now THAT is just NUTS!!!

In any case, I have to move because the place I live in is at least as bad as living in a landfill. Worse I'm spending, becuase I have trouble doing anything about it, way too much money on food becuase the person I live with is a slob of biblical proportions. Oscar Madison looks like Felix Unger compared to the person I "live" with.

This person REFUSES to clean, to help around the house, to be responsible and it is one fracking crisis after another! So, I'm moving. 1811 miles away. I'll be able to buy grocerys and keep them in a kitchen that won't give you an infection if you scratch yourself on something . . .

More to follow . . .

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