Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thank Goddess!!!

I got up this morning and called my lawyers office to see if there was an actual tracking number for the package he was going to send yesterday. Wow, there actually is!!! I went out to UPS online, and it says the package is out for delivery . . .

Then, without so much as a hi, how are you, the UPS guy shows up driving a rental truck and just leaves the package between my storm door and the front door. Not knowing the rental was them, and not actually seeing a guy in brown walk up, I figured just in case, I'll check and see who/what this was. I honestly thought it was going to be another Chinese menu, which sucks because I'm not the only one here that prefers my home made Chinese/Japanese/Thia food to delivery.

Sitting quietly between the two doors, looking for all the world like a kitten who'd been nosy and got stuck, was the UPS overnight letter!!! Finally, really, signed, sealed DELIVERED my new name!!! I didn't even need to go within 300 miles of the court house!

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