Monday, December 19, 2005

Omigoddess!!! Finally!!!

Today the phone rings, caller id says it's my lawyer Jay, I groan and answer it certain he's going to have more BS reasons he cannot complete my name change anytime soon. I'm just waiting for it, after him putting me through hell on the phone about creditors and rights, I figure the excuse is coming. He said he ran around court much of the morning and the afternoon, and miracle of miracles EXACTLY like I said it would happen, my name change is done!!!

He said it was going to take them a few days to get everything typed up and finished, and everything would be ready on Wednesday. Did I want him to overnight the decree to me? Oh, yes, without question if you don't mind I'd love it if you overnighted it!

So now, I wait!!! Knowing that he's lied to me in the past, not certain I can believe until the paperwork is in hand, I wait . . .

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