Thursday, February 03, 2005

Stepping things up just a bit now!

The Estogen patch for me is on the one hand a great idea, on the other hand having to replace them more often than I should because they don't stick is a real pain. So much so that I've switched to sublingual's tables which also gave me a big boost in strength. The Climara patches were 50mcgs per day and eventually I'd have stepped it up and up to where I should be. The sublinguals cut down (I started with 2mg tablets) into four pieces give me 500mcgs per day, eventaully I'll step up further to something closer to "normal" mtf doses.

In the meantime between months on high doses of herbals, and low doses of Climara I'm a B cup which is cool, but amazing too since I'd not expected any growth this early. Now with the higher doses, I'm actually starting to feel growth going on, which is also very cool!

Everyone is different, so I don't want anyone reading this to think that you'll have the same results. I've always needed less of anything to get the same results as everyone else, so your mileage WILL vary! The most important thing to remember is that slow and steady wins the race!

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