Friday, November 26, 2004

Now she's gone and done it!

So, where to start? Forgive me readers it has been too many dayws since my last . . . Oops, wrong version of time/space I'm not in a confessional, after all I haven't done much wrong yet!

In all serious, I'm now finally in Jersey, having left for better or worse Andover on November 13th. Not at all fun, and left a good bit more a mess than I'd planned but was given no options to deal with. Significantly over the deadline, however they were rather civil about it all things considered. Jersey, well it's not being all that much fun, quite honestly NO fun what so ever at this rate I'd rather be in Cleveland, and I really don't like "The mistake on the lake."

The good news if you could call it that is I finally deceded it was time to take and complete the Hypnotherapy Course so that I could be a Board Certified Hypnotherapist. Today, the day after Thanksgiving I got my grade back, a solid A!!! So I'm a happy girl, and Board Certified to boot!!!

I also had the pleasurable opportunity to paraphrase Air Force Col. Jack O'Neill when the school wanted to confirm how I wanted my name on the diploma and shingle. I responded with "That's Quinn with TWO Ns" and I held up three fingers! Go RDA, or should I say Jack, Sir!!!

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