Friday, August 19, 2011

What would you do?

The accomplished and brilliant author Sevastian Winters recently asked as a general question to his fans the following question:
$50 Million dollars in non-traceable cash sitting on a table in front of you. Cash's owner is in horrible pain, dying of cancer. He hands you a gun and tells you the cash is yours if you blow his brains out. You will never be caught. Would you take the shot?
I was, for something that bubbled up out of me, pleased enough with my answer that I thought I'd share it here:
I would sit with him. I would share his pain and lessen it. I'd get to know him. I'd use the considerable resources at my command to take as much of his pain from him as I could. And I'd listen. I'd give him my full compassion, empathy and love. I would ease his suffering, not just from the cancer, but from a life that got him there. I'd share with him in great detail the beauty and grandeur of where he was going. I'd share with him my own suicide in 1961 and what it cost me, and what I'd gained from it. I'd take him on a journey into his own future to see what his life would be life if he forced an exit point, and if he didn't. Then if he was utterly certain, I'd induce a medical coma so that he didn't have to feel his own impending demise.

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Reiki Master, and a Buddhist. I'd respect his wishes by taking his pain, and I assure you I can and have done the same for others in horrific agony, but his life is not mine to take, and even if he spends the last days, weeks or months of his life in a coma, it would be better for him to pass when the time is right, not from the trauma of a gunshot to the head. Plus with a medically induced coma he'd have the opportunity to awaken from it anytime he wanted. While he was in said coma, I'd taken his hand, and take him on a spirit walk to some places I'm fond of and find peace in. I'd share them with him and how to get there himself. I'd give him options, ease his pain, and help him grow. I'd even in that state teach him how he could heal himself, and make a decision from there. Free from the pain, and with an understanding of more to the universe and time/space then he'd ever dreamed of, I'd sit down with him again and see where he wanted to go from there. That would be after letting him meet his spirit guides, and my Lucia, Xa'els, and Tak'aya and let him see what they would have to share with him. I would, should he choose it, help him Ascend by helping him reach the state inside himself that could make it possible. It would be his choice.  

When, if he passed, if he was utterly serious about it I'd donate at least 47 of the 50 million dollars to causes that need it in his name. The remaining 3 million I would invest in something that generates simple interest, and use the interest to live and set up a foundation to teach more people how to be of true service to other people suffering. I would set up the foundation in his name, and organize it so that it would continue long after I passed from this life into the next.

In short, I would show him a much greater universe outside his own pain and limited existence. I would listen, I would heal him body and soul to where he could make an informed decision. I would provide him the tools and compassion to allow him to do what he needed without judgement. I'd share what Karma REALLY is and how it works, and let him take his last steps from this life into the next empowered and free of the limitations of the false gods of pain, suffering and money.
So, I ask you, what might you do?  There is no wrong or right answer here, only one that feels like it works for you.  For more of Sev's whit, style, and writing that almost insists one think, you can find him on Facebook, his Homepage, Blog or on  
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Sevastian Winters said...

I'm reminded of the man who, shortly before his death, called his 3 closest friends and gave them each $20 Million in cash, saying "I don't trust my family. I want to take it with me. So, when I die, I want you three (who I know I can trust) to put this money in the grave with me. The 3 men agreed to do so. A couple of weeks later, after the man died, and was buried, the three old friends got together to recall old times. At one point in the conversation, one friend started to cry. "I feel so guilty," he said. My grandson is about to go to college and had no money. So I only put $19,950,000 in the casket with old Bill." The second friend, in an attempt to console the first, said "That's okay... I'm sure Bill understood. That's why I kept $100,000 to keep my company from bankruptcy. I only put $19,900,000 in the coffin. The third man looked upon the other with disdain. "I'm surprised at you gentlemen," he said. "Bill trusted us, and you both broke that trust. I'm proud to say that I was true to my word. I gave him my personal check for every cent of that $20 Million!"