Thursday, January 07, 2010

Now that I think she finally understands me ...

... my GP is retiring. On the one hand, since she really IS a female Bones McCoy, I say more power to her, she deserves a chance to relax, unwind, and not be running all the time. On the other, well, damn! Had a routine visit with her today (before I found out it would be our last) and we talked about my health, and like many of my friends, she was trying to encourage me to get out more often. I was bound and determined not to cry at this session for no other reason than she almost always manages to get to asking questions that ... provoke me? Not quite the right word I'm thinking, but I'm at a lose for words at the moment. Anyway, today I somehow managed to reach a point where she got an understanding of more of the complex woman who cries in her office. "Do you ever think you might have PTSD?" She asks. Actually I was diagnosed with it years ago and I'm working to overcome it. So finally she "gets it."

And now she's leaving. Oy!

She's assured me that she's carefully interviewed the doctor who is taking over her practice, worked with her side by side at the office she works at now, and is confident that I'll like and get along with the new doctor who (thank the Gods) is also female. So when next I'm there, I'll meet the new doctor. And then, I have to get to know the new doctor, and hope it won't take as long for her to understand me better. So we'll see, and the journey continues.


Lori D said...

From the little I know of you, it sounds like you've been through hell and back. I can see why you'd be a little apprehensive in having another GP be able to understand that.

Samantha said...

Yeah, I'm not exactly a poster child for great success with modern medicine. Well, at least not fully. Transition was easy, simple, like making a cake. So it figures that everything else would be messed up no? You know Murphy and his laws right?

Yeah, hell and back, you have a gift for understatement my friend! I've got enough frequent flier miles on that trip to have them ferry me in a G5 next time. 'Cept I have no plans to go back! Plus I don't fly anymore.

I'm encourage by the fact that the doctor taking over my doctors practice is also a woman, and my old doctor thinks I'll get along with her well. So I'll know in March which is my next visit. I'll keep my finders crossed that it works out well.