Monday, December 28, 2009

What is the cost of unlimited phone service?

Sometime ago I came to a crisis point where my phone plan was getting in the way of what I needed to do in life. When I spoke to the phone company because I'd been with them for quite a number of years they offered me unlimited service for ten dollars a month more than I was paying them a month. Historically I almost never went over my allocated peak minutes. Then again I watched my usage like an owl tracking prey at night. The crisis involved helping my sister deal with some things back home in Colorado and quickly set a torch of my allocation of minutes for the month.

It was worth it I thought to pay the extra ten dollar a month not to have to panic if my usage went over again, so I quickly accepted my carriers offer.

Today while suffering the limitations of chatting with a friend online, she wondered if we knew each other well enough to exchange phone numbers. I met her through reading her blog, added her as a friend on Facebook and until today we were more or less electronic friends. But I felt like I knew her well enough, and have developed a respect for her that I sent my number to her straight away as my reply. Seconds later the phone rang. As we hung up after a time of chatting it dawned on me, this was the best part of unlimited phone service. Enjoyed talking with my friend free from the worries of peak minutes or off peak, what plan I was on, what network and so forth. What is the cost of unlimited phone service? It's priceless!


Keri Renault said...

And if you both download Skype software, phone calling is free. I use it with webcam to talk "face to face" with my long-distance friends. What a great way to reach out and touch someone as AT&T used to say!

Samantha said...

This is true, but I'd have to setup skype, and my camera which I'm too lazy to do at the moment. Plus if I call someone else, so they are not paying for the incoming call, it's completely free and I can just sit there with the headset enjoying the conversation without network traffic glitches. Plus I can be walking around the park, or the mall, or out on the river, and I can't easily do that with Skype. Though I could probably do it with Google voice, since my phone supports that native where ever I go. It is a thought I guess. Thanks!

alan said...


Happy New Year!