Friday, April 04, 2008

Not a bad day at all!

Was feeling energetic today, got an early start, and had a busy day! Had lunch with my friend Barb and then decided to take a test run of the car packed to the gills as it is. I've been a touch twitchy about visibility, being able to see where I'm going and so forth. Ran out to the highway, down to the next exit, and then back across to route 9 to get a real feel for things.

Hopped down to PepBoys and picked up some really cool adjustable blind spot mirrors that attach to the wing mirors on the car. Cleaned the mirrors and then attached them in place. Kinda eyeballed the adjustment of the spots and set about to test them. Back up 9 to 195, and then back towards the house. The spot mirrors did, do a great job and I'm so much less twitchy about driving 2000 miles with the car packed to the roof.

Came back to finish packing the car, and it dawned on me to look for the charger I'd bought a year ago for my still camera. It's a multipurpose AC/DC charger that came with plates to fit other Canon cameras. While my still camera [Canon 20D Digtal SLR] is burried in the car, and not something I was planning on using for the trip, my MiniDV is another thought completely. It happens to be a Canon as well, which wasn't planned, but just as well. While technically only noboby is lucky enough to have something they bought a year earlier be compatible with a new purchase, I was blessed. I'm sometimes known as "Almost Nobody" since it tends to run in the family anyway... After all, my sister IS "The Nobody" everyone talks about. The new charger will charge my 20D batteries AND the new MiniDV camera, and in fact has!

So, all around a really good day! Handful of other things to do here to prepare and I'll be on the road again! Today was a really good day, and I have a better feeling about this trip...

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