Monday, October 24, 2005

Chris Crain is some kind of serious NUT!!!

Chris Crain is some kind of serious NUT!!! I mean really, some of the things that come out of his mouth make me want to lobby to have his membership card REVOKED! Membership to what? GLBT activism? ENDA activism? Nope, these are minor memberships compared to what I think should happen; his membership to the human race should be revoked!!! Shut this moron up once and for all, vote to have Chris Crain FIRED. Executive Editor my arse, he's a sensationalist soapbox speaker who likes to hear himself talk or see his particular brand of narish in print. He's a bigot of the worst kind, picks and chooses whom he approves of and damn the rest.

Last year he slammed the Trans community for hijacking ENDA?"ENDA gets trans-jacked" Really, then why is it that the HATE CRIMES bill passed a part of congress it never managed before? Larger cross section of effected constituents! More voters to risk pissing off, thus it went through.

Now he's back beating up on Tran folk AGAIN in "Trans or bust""‘Trans or bust’ is still a bust" which is so full of misinformation and outright stupidity that I'm amazed he hasn't been fired yet!

I've been a self proclaimed "Lesbian Trapped in a Man's body" my whole life which in two years when I FINALLY have corrective surgery will put me square in the cross hairs of any number of ignorant bigots like Chris. Sure I'm part of his protected class of people because I prefer women, or did, which now puts me right in the middle of the Bi demographic.

Great, so he's okay with me because I'm BI and thus entitled to protections he feels strongly about? WooHoo!!! Happy days are here again Chris Crain is okay with me because I'm part of a group whose rights get trampled and violated . . . . . . or am I?

I am also a Trans woman, which means I'm entitled to be picked on an excluded because I'm Trans? So which is it? Figures a man would come up with rules like that, I mean really all that testosterone just POISONS otherwise healthy minds with exclusive, competitive thinking. He should probably start on a detox program to help him beat back the "T" monster. Either that, or just adjust his balance some so that he understands the value of INCLUSION!!!

I used in the writing of this small words whenever possible, and kept the concepts simple so Chris Crain might have a better chance of understanding. His arguments are those of a sixth grader, so I’ve kept things simple . . .

Pity really, the “Free Press” has become anything but when idiots like Chris spew intolerant, discriminatory garbage and yet no-one is allowed to disagree with him. Ironically “Freedom of Press” USED to be a protected right, now it’s used as a weapon, controlled by folks with more money than brains, more attitude than compassion and more control than any dictatorial regime! Ooops, sorry Chris, “dictatorial regime” is over your head so I’ll dumb it down for you; the phrase refers to Tyrants who feel that they have the right to control everything and everyone and NO-ONE has any rights!

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