Sunday, April 24, 2005

Now this is getting interesting . . .

So time ago I start working on a serious transition and after months of herbals and patches that for me were only marginally effective I started on sublingual tablets and a blocker. My plan was to take things slowly and work my way up to "standard" TS doses over the course of a year or more. I wanted to give my body the opportunity to change and adjust to the switch from the minor amounts of Testosterone I had, to being primarily Estrogen based. The begining of April I stepped up the the next logical dosage on my list a bit earlier than I'd originally planed but based on the way my system was responding I didn't see any possible problems.

What I experienced however was a major surprise and has me seriously wondering. First for those who don't know, the "standard" feminizing dose of Estrogen for a TS woman is in the range of 2-8mgs a day with 100-300mgs of blocker. I'm on dramatically less than this, and in less time, I'm already having sgnificant growth in all areas. My hips, butt, breasts and even face are starting to change, and while I love it, I'm very pleasantly surprised.

Without question I have serious growth going on, what I do not understand is how? Such a small dose and yet this? One of these days I'll be able to get to a doctor and get some bloods run to know for certain what's going on. My personal hunch is that I'm intersexed or something close. Would have been nice to have before HRT bloods run to know for certain, but extrapolating back from whatever I find when I do get them tested I'll know more.

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